There are various ways to find supportive gay counsellors in Australia. If you're seeking low cost, short term counselling help, you can contact the community based HIV/AIDS organisations in your state or territory. They can direct you to appropriate alternatives in your area. 


In Australia the sexual health clinics attached to metropolitan hospitals usually have provision for free anonymous counselling for gay men, lesbians, transgender folk and people who are attracted to the same sex. However there may be a waiting list for appointments and the number of sessions may be limited.

Australia citizens and others eligible for Medicare services may be able to access 12-18 sessions of free or low cost counselling sessions through their GP. These sessions are known as ‘Focussed Psychological Strategies’. You need to see your GP first and complete a short assessment to show your mental health is being affected. We have a page of gay friendly medical practices.

Online Gay Counselling

Some counsellors are available over the internet. You can have therapy appointments by webcam, messenger or email.

Face to Face Counselling Directories

If you are prepared to pay for counselling and don't want to wait in a queue, there are national websites you can enter and search for gay counsellors.

Good Therapy

Dulwich Centre

Counsellors Associations

There are also several professional associations which provide databases to search for counsellors. This is also a good way to check the credentials of your counsellor or therapist. If they are not listed here, you may want to double check their accountability.

Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Support for Gay and Lesbian Families.

PFLAG USA and PFLAG Australia are organisations that support gay and lesbian people who have had children and children and families of gay and lesbian parents.

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