It is important that you can talk with your doctor freely, without fear discrimination, lack of acceptance or just plain rudeness because you are gay. Most gay friendly medical practices have 'seen it all' and are used to treating not only the physical health but the mental health difficulties presented by their gay patients. Often, practices that advertise that they are 'gay friendly' will be staffed by at least some gay doctors, reception and nursing staff. Try to speak openly with the doctors at a gay-friendly practice about whatever you are worried about. 

The following metropolitan medical practices advertise that they are gay friendly.


Taylor Square Private Clinic

East Sydney Doctors

Holdsworth House


Prahran Market Clinic


Stonewall Medical Centre Tel: +61 (0)7 38571222


O'Brien Street Practice


The Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service in Perth can refer you to gay friendly doctors

If you have a problem with the way your were treated, try to raise it with the doctor or nurse who treated you first and then, if you are still unhappy with the response, speak with the practice manager.

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