When it becomes hard to stop using drugs, other aspects of life can become difficult. That's why we have included some information here that might be useful for anyone who is struggling with drugs or alcohol. You will find ideas about how to cut down or stop drinking or using drugs here in our Drugs section. 

Drugs are not always predictable in the ways that they work. This is partly because everyone has some differences in their physiology and also because when drugs are produced illegally, there is no sure way of knowing what has gone into them. If you are gay, there are specialist services available where you can get help if you are concerned about drug use.

scene survival guide (from the UK)

Some drugs can leave users dependent. These drugs include alcohol, crystal meth, heroin, cannabis, some kinds of sleeping tablets and anti-anxiety medication and cocaine. Drug dependence can affect your relationships, your job and have long term effects on your health. You can find out more about drug dependence and educate yourself of the risks...

Download a fact sheet about gay drug and alcohol dependence


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