HIV positive and Gay? You're not alone.

Telling someone that you are HIV positive is a courageous step. But others have been there before you. More and more gay men are now prepared to talk about their diagnosis of HIV, how they responded and how they are living their lives.



Young, Gay and Newly Diagnosed with HIV.

Allen didn't even know another HIV positive person when he found out his status. He says it was the most devastating moment of his life. He'd been testing for HIV regularly and never thought it would happen to him. Then the day came when he received an HIV diagnosis. He had thought that everyone got tested before a new partner, that it was an unspoken truth.

Ji won a silver medal at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. When he returned home, it was to the news that his partner at the time was HIV positive. Ji tested and found out that he was HIV positive too. He makes the point that, if both he and his partner had known their HIV status before they started having unprotected sex, the outcome would have been different. But a brief discussion along the lines of "Are you okay?" wasn't enough. Testing before a new partner can make the difference.

In this video, Allen talks about telling his father he was both HIV positive and gay and Ji shares his reasons for starting medication and his amazing relationship with his new partner. These are their stories of life after an HIV diagnosis...



If you are gay and HIV positive, you are not alone

If you feel afraid, it is worth talking to a counsellor about the next steps to take in feeling better. Don't leave your feelings unspoken. Getting tested can help you to be in a more knowledgeable position where you can make decisions based on the fact you know your status. You can get help from a gay friendly doctor or a counsellor who works with gay people.

For more information about how to protect yourself and your partners take a look at our sexual health page.



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