Books about Grindr to improve the fun of Gay Dating.

Here are some books that offer more insights into these and other aspects of Grindr dating.

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Best Books about Grindr...

These books explain Grindr dating: how it works, the pitfalls to avoid and how to get the best out of gay dating on Grindr...

The ups and downs of Grindr and how to make better connections, by Jaime Woo.

In Meet Grindr, we explore the new world of meeting online. Is it more addictive than slot machines? What if it is actually a game... should it be more of a team sport?
This amusing book can help you change your attitude about Grindr and hopefully make it work better for you as well.

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How To Magnetize your Soulmate on Grindr

Is meeting a soulmate on Grindr possible? This author thinks so! by Garrett Gere.

A short and inexpensive little guide about how to get the most out of gay dating apps by Dave Alsybury

Getting It On Online: Cyberspace, Gay Male Sexuality, and Embodied Identity 

This is an academic book that looks at 3 specific cyber communities: chubs, muscle and musclebears. It offers insights into chatting with other gay men in cyberspace.



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