Coming Out Films.

There are so many films  about coming-out. We have chosen some favourites here. If there is something missing you really like, please let us know and we will add it so others can enjoy watching it. The picture here is from the recent Australian feature film 'Holding the Man' starring Craig Stott and Ryan Corr.

We have linked some of the trailers (mostly from Youtube). We have also included links so you can buy them on dvd if you like what you see!

From Australia:

The Sum of Us

"Love, the greatest adventure of all", according to this Aussie dad who is trying to match his son up with a decent fella. Russell Crowe as he was before he became whatever he is now. (1994)

Head On

From the excellent book "Loaded" by Christos Tsiolkas, this film explores the world of a 19 year Ari, defiantly confronting the expectations of his Greek family and dominant expectations of sexuality. Set in Melbourne, this was a landmark film of its time. (1998) Buy Head On, the film.

Holding The Man

A gay love story set against the backdrop of middle class Melbourne and the emergence of AIDS, Holding the Man is a landmark Australian film. (2015) Watch the Holding the Man trailer.

From the United Kingdom:

Beautiful Thing

Two council estate boys discover the beautiful thing.(1996) You can also buy the screenplay for Beautiful Thing or see the trailer.


In the less enlightened Edwardian era, gay love survives the struggles of social and class expectations. (1987). Buy Maurice on DVD or read Maurice the novel by E.M. Forster.

The Crying Game

A thriller and an unconventional romance. Watch the trailer but don't read about the film or you will spoil the twist. With a great song by Boy George! (1992)

My Beautiful Laundrette

Across the divides of race and Thatcher's Britain, a Pakistani boy and a white boy fall in love. Lots of soap suds and a young Daniel Day-Lewis. (1985)

Get Real

What if you can't avoid peer pressure, bigots, rumours, bullying, loneliness, shame and insecurity? Your only choice is to 'get real'. Choose the 'small' trailer size to avoid sitting through ads. (1998)

from the United States:

Big Eden

A mature gay man has to return to his small town to care for his grandpa and face the guys he had crushes on at school. It's coming out all over again... with a twist. (2000)

But I'm a Cheerleader

Conversion therapy goes really wrong in this romantic comedy. Megan discovers she is a happy... lesbian! This is also a great exploration of gender roles are socially constructed. If you are unsure what that means, get the film and watch it to find out. (1999).


A teen comedy about the way fundmentalist Christianity can quickly lose touch with its own values. Mccaulay Cuikin as you probably don't remember him. Funny! (2004).

Latter Days

A morman and a party boy from two different worlds find they have something in common.


Coming out for a transgendered person, family reunion and road trip, all in one movie. Really uplifting. (2005) 

Torch Song Trilogy

This is old now but a real classic. Proof that coming out is not always easy or accepted by one's family, but it is always possible to find and give love.(1988)


Sometimes it takes time to admit who you really are, and courage to take a up a second chance. (2008).

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