More Coming Out on TV and in Film

Our list of the best coming out films for TV and cinema is growing so we have made a new page! If you have a favourite not listed here, let us know so we can add it. Each trailer is accompanied by a mini-review (no spoilers!) and, where possible, a link so you can buy a copy.

Take a look at these Coming Out films and TV series from around the world and click on the links to buy your own copy. If you missed page one, take a look at these movies about Coming Out from Australia, the UK and the USA.

Here are more gay tv series, films and movies about Coming Out...

From Norway:

Eyewitness / Øyevitne

Here is the trailer for a brilliant new Norwegian crime thriller series, made for TV. Two young men are having their first same sex sexual experience in a remote cabin at a sand mine when they are interrupted by a bikie-gang assassination. They are the only eyewitnesses to the killings but must keep a pact of silence for fear their own secret will be discovered. Mainstream television has come a long way in Norway and the rest of Europe for 'coming out' to be such a central theme. The sexuality topic is handled with pride and respect. You might even find you can see the whole series on Youtube if you are lucky! (2014)

From Germany:

Summer Storm (aka 'Sommersturm')

Two best friends in a rowing squad have to work out their differences when one of them begins to realise he is gay.

Balls (aka 'Männer Wie Wir')

A soccer crazy small town boy is pushed out of his team for being gay and decides to get the ultimate revenge... a gay football team! (2004)

From Israel:

Walk on Water

An Israel intelligence agent is sent to befriend the grandchildren of a former Nazi SS officer. Suspense and a surprising gay sub plot. Don't ever assume someone's sexuality! Yet another way to come out. The Youtube clip here is not the trailer but a short scene from the film. (2004)

From Spain:

Krámpack (aka 'Nico & Dani)

Summer holidays and Dani and Nico get physical. Dani wants more but Nico has other things on his mind. Girls.(2000)

From Sweden:

Fucking Åmal aka Show Me Love

Attracted to her best friend at school, Elin has to decide between popularity and love. What will she choose? (1998)

'När Alla Vet' (aka 'Sebastian')

A coming out film that viewers either love or hate. We loved it. If you put aside your expectations of how Coming Out 'should be' represented on film and just enjoy the story, you will love it too. Sebastian is 16 and trying to understand his feelings for his best friend, the beautiful Ulf. The sub-plot of falling in love with a best friend is probably more important to the film than the coming out storyline. Unfortunately we have been unable to find a trailer online but you can buy the film and make up your own mind. The Swedish title translates roughly to "When Everybody Knows".(1995) Buy it from Amazon.

If you missed our first page of gay movies about coming out, you can see it here.

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