Part of the fun of being gay is experiencing a relationship with someone else who is gay.

The internet has revolutionalised gay dating. In this section of the website we have some links to gay dating websites as well as some information about how to have a better experience of dating and relationships. Check out our Best Self Help Books for Gay Dating. And if you don't want to meet a partner over the net, or you are already in a relationship, there is some information for you here as well.


Myths about Gay Relationships

One of the special things about gay relationships is that they are much freer of the expectations that seem to accompany heterosexual relationships. Here are some of the myths about gay relationships that we have 'busted'.

The partners in gay relationships don't have to take roles.

Some people have the idea that in gay relationships one of the partners always take a dominant and one a submissive role. This is not the case and also a very simplistic way of looking at human relationships generally. Some people may have a preference for a particular sexual 'role' and this may complement their partner's preference. Some people choose to let their partner take care of financial matters in the relationship. Every relationship is different and develops and changes in time, just like people as individuals.

Gay relationships are not more likely to 'fail'.

While being gay in a mostly heterosexual world can present challenges, these do not mean that gay relationships are more likely to 'fail'. What is the definition of 'failure' anyway? Is it to do with time? Does this suggest an idea that a relationship should always stay the same? Comparing a gay relationship with an ideal or the expectation that comes with a heterosexual partnership may not be helpful. Here is a list of 10 Gay Dating Self-help books.

Gay relationships can be monogamous.

Perhaps there is a greater expectation that heterosexual couples do not have sex outside of their relationship and perhaps this is associated with dominant expectations about child-rearing. Some gay couples choose to be monogamous and sustain this decision because it is important to them. Others make a decision not to be monogamous and remain a couple.

Gay relationships do not always just involve couples.

When we talk about 'Relationships' it is often assumed we are talking about a couple, 2 people. But why does the 'couple' seem to take precedence over all other relationships in our lives? Some gay people have relationships which are not sexual. Some have sexual relationships with a number of partners.

What sort of relationship do you want?

If you are having difficulties in your gay relationship, you can speak to a counsellor about these. If you are experiencing verbal abuse, threats, controlling behaviour or physical harm from your partner, take a look at our page about gay domestic violence.

Gay Dating Sites


An international mobile smartphone app for gay guys


Popular in Australia and the UK


Another one of the biggies, Gayromeo is popular in Europe.

Probably the biggest gay dating site, U.S based but caters to an international audience.


An Australian site catering only to men.

Gay Dating for Older Gay Men

The Caffmos Community is a dating site for older gay men.

Tips for using gay dating sites:
  • Protect your privacy
  • Remain cautious
  • Get a photo (of the person's face!)
  • Talk on the phone first
  • Take a friend along to a first date or meet in a public place
  • Let someone know where you are going and who you are meeting
  • Look out for scams
  • Don't assume the person is being honest, especially about their health
  • Click here for How to Protect Yourself on Grindr
Meeting people away from the Internet.
You don't need to be online to meet someone for a relationship. Some people prefer not to use internet dating sites. A lot of couples meet through their work, social activities or other friends. Take a look at our Making Friends section for more information. And here are our 10 best gay dating advice books.

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