Do you sometimes find yourself asking 'where are all the other gay people'?

For anyone living in a small town or somewhere where it is hard to be gay because of local attitudes or the threat of violence, it can sometimes seem like being 'the only gay in the village'. But gay people are everywhere, even if they are not as visible in some places as others. 

How to make gay friends is something that most gay men and lesbians have had to consider at some point in their lives. It used to be that gay bars and clubs seemed the easiest option for making friends. Then along came the Internet. The Internet has revolutionised the way people meet and make friends with similar interests. Like other approaches, it can be challenging to meet people over the Internet, particularly when it comes to meeting up in person. If shyness is something that holds you back, the Internet can be a good place to start.

But there are lots of other places where you can meet and make new friends who are also gay, lesbian or same sex attracted. If you close your eyes and imagine someone whose company you would enjoy, what sorts of things might they be doing? What sorts of activities might fill their day? What might their occupation be? Where would these activities take place?

At we have made a list of 5 top tips for making friends. Take a look!