Wasting time on Grindr? Not getting what you want from gay dating? Here is our advice to Grindr users!

has changed the way gay men date. This smartphone app has made gay dating mobile and immediate. Gay guys around the world use Grindr to hook-up and start relationships. But Grindr has its hazards as well. We have listed 6 tips for better use of Grindr.

Take a look at our 6 Tips to Get the Most out of Grindr Gay Dating.

Guys who use Grindr sometimes struggle with putting a limit on the time they use the app. If this is you, you might find some good advice in these gay dating suggestions.

Health and personal safety are just two concerns of Grindr users. It can be a lot of fun but some guys find they get addicted to Grindr, at the expense of their friendships and time. Our Books about Grindr page now lists several guides you can buy to improve your chances and get the best out of the app. Whether you want to make better connections, find a soulmate or simply understand the subcultures within the Grindr communities, these books can offer advice and suggestions for you.

Enjoy using Grindr and make it work for you!